To create an updated identity for a local travel agent alongside supporting promotional material and an updated storefront.
As part of a university module, we were asked to rebrand a client’s business. The client could either be someone we knew personally, or a client sourced by our course leader. This led me to rebrand Globex Portsmouth, which is a business that specialises in money transferring, travel services and cargo services. 
For this rebrand, I was asked to “freshen” up the brand, by redesigning a wide range of assets such as the logo, promotional material as well as the storefront. Using my presentation slides, I will be showcasing the design process for the rebrand.
As the interior of the shop had been recently re-done, my client didn’t want any modifications done to it. However, they asked for the exterior design of the store to be redone as they felt the overall design was outdated and in need of an update to signal a change of ownership as the shop has visually remained the same since the previous ownership. 
Furthermore, my client asked for a new logo as well as new promotional materials such as leaflets and business cards. Before I drafted ideas for the deliverables, I conducted research on existing materials as well as any research based on other travel agents/money transfer stores and see what kind of brand identity they have.
As you can see above, I drew out sketches based on my travel agent research and existing logo research. The overall point of the rebrand was to design an updated logo for Globex, as well as other components.  I sketched out 6 ideas based on what I wanted the logo to look like. I experimented with a wide range of typefaces and shapes as well as the same colour scheme as the previous logo.
In terms of brand guidelines, I was asked to keep the colours the same, which is light blue and orange as well as keeping the name of the business the same, which is ‘Globex Portsmouth’.
I have added pictures of the existing components which are the leaflet and business card. As you can see, the original business card is too busy, in terms of the amount of text used.
Furthermore, the overall design of the original leaflet is bland and simple as multiple typefaces have been used on both sides of the leaflet, e.g., the different typeface used for Bangla text compared to English text. 
In terms of the shop front, the typeface was outdated and needs to be clearer, hence why I used a different typeface for the information.

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