A group branding project to collectively design an identity for an exhibition of our work. The visual identity should capture and communicate a theme and purpose for the show and should be professionally applied across a range of promotional outputs.
Paradox is a showcase made by five different unique graphic designers. The identity contrasts who we are as a group with the work we produce. Our branding has been divided into two parts, which are represented by black and white opposite each other. White denotes more classic Graphic Design techniques, whereas black denotes more current ones. This contrast can be evident in all of our advertising materials as well as in our presentation, particularly in the posters we designed individually to make a set.
Logo designed by Michael King.
Typeface designed by Michael King
Invites and Business Cards designed by Michael King
Website designed by Fleur Breen. 
Social Media designed and mocked up by Kai Nicholls.
Badge and Tote Bag designed by Christopher Steele.
Exhibition Front designed by myself with help from Kai Nicholls.
Posters designed by myself.
Collective Posters.
Animation designed by Christopher Steele.

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