Create a distinctive and engaging digital product or service that allows students to meet like-minded people at university.
For my UX Design module, I created KICK!, an app for first-year students. The app's purpose was to use sports to bring students together. People's bodies and minds are refreshed by sports, and a healthy body may provide stimulation, pushing them ahead both mentally and physically. KICK! promotes kickabouts and meet-ups, as well as any official university sports event, to enable students to connect via their shared interest in sports. This encourages university students to form new friendships.
On the forum page, the user is presented with the most recent news, fixtures, results, and videos of their favourite team or sport. The forum page is used to connect students by allowing them to debate football results and other topics, allowing them to engage with one another regardless of their location.
The events page allows users to stay up to date on university activities such as future sporting events, workshops, and 5 or 11-a-side games that may require an extra player. This allows students to enrich their university experience by immersing themselves in the Portsmouth spirit and connecting with peers via their shared passion for sports.
The user will be able to stay up to speed on the most recent university news, including sports clubs, subject changes, and general information. This ensures that the user does not miss a single second of their time at the Academic of Portsmouth, ensuring that they have the greatest possible university experience. Additionally, the user can opt to incorporate other news sources for their selected sports, such as BBC News and Sky Sports for keeping up with their favourite football club, allowing them to follow their team on the go.
Fixture List:
The schedule notifies the user of their favourite team's upcoming match schedule, allowing them to message other users to arrange a meet-up and watch the game together. Furthermore, the match screening option allows the user to find an appropriate venue to watch the game, which immediately redirects them to the locator feature, demonstrating how the app is interconnected.

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